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Saturday September 30th in the evening

After a day of  playing in different famous quarters around Marseille, 15 brass bands will compete with each other to win the trophee in a well known music venue.

Each fanfare will prepare an original show  developed for the contest which will end up to around 3 hours of live music!

The prize: The trophee of the 11th International Fanfares Contest and they'll have to organise next year's contest in their hometown.

The Theme:

This year's edition proposed by the Marseillaises (the PPC of Marseille) is: "L'ecole du Maquereau d'Argent" (The school of the silver Maquereau), a play of words referring to a famous hit song "L'ecole du micro d'argent" by IAM, one of Marseille's most famous hip-hop groups. The song is about the connections between the fanfares and the hip-hop culture, the young and the street culture.  To win, the bands must come up with a short musical and visual performance for the judges and the public based on this theme, the sky is the limit!

Will the bands invited be up to the task?

We'll see in September!


The International Brass Band Contest Festival was created 10 years ago. Once a year, amateur and professional bands from France and beyond gather in a different city depending on the previous year's winner's hometown. This year it's in Marseille,  last year it was in Lyon, before that, Grenoble, Versailles, the Netherlands etc... The festival is open to all, the bands gather in the chosen city to bring a festive atmosphere during the whole weekend of the contest. Everyone is invited, young and old.

Here's a list of the winners and places where the contest were held from previous years:


Who are we?

We are the Pompier Poney Club (the Firemens Pony Club) from Marseille an energetic, and diverse group of musicians who were brought together by brass music.  Created in 2012 by a handful of engineer students from the Ecole Centrale Marseille, the group was quickly enriched with members from all corners of France and Rome, Brussels and even from New York!

Because it's too difficult to choose between a fireman and a pony, leather or fluorescent, rock and roll and Cesaria Evora, we have chosen to intergrate all these ridiculous things into one with an original repetoire that can winover even the most skeptical music fans.

To get to know us better come visit our website:

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© Le Pompier Poney Club 2017 | Art : Manu Morvan
© Le Pompier Poney Club 2017
Art : Manu Morvan