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Join us !

With your help this event will be exceptionnel and will brighten Marseille.

Whether you are from Marseille or somewhere else, your support will help us organize this unique event, whether a public donner, or an institutionel or private donner, everything helps.


How to support this event ?

We are looking for all forms of partners depending on your needs and wants.


For more infomation, don't hesitate to download our pamphlet or contact us with your questions, proposals, and other ideas.

The pamphlet :


Contact us !

By email or telephone.

Juliette Michez
06 30 11 76 09 (à Marseille)

Camille Bourgeois
06 75 26 94 45 (à Paris)


They support the contest !



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© Le Pompier Poney Club 2017 | Art : Manu Morvan
© Le Pompier Poney Club 2017
Art : Manu Morvan